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Using the Configuration File

To customize how scans your projects, users can provide a configuration file. This file allows for detailed settings specifically tailored to your project's structure and dependencies.


The config file can be placed in one of the following locations within your repository, listed in order of preference.

  1. /.listendev/config.yaml

  2. /.listendev/config.yml

  3. /.listendev.yaml

  4. /.listendev.yml

The app will search for the configuration file in these locations, in the order listed, and will use the first one it finds.

By default, the configuration file at the top-level root directory is used

Configuration Structure

Below is the structure of the configuration that you should include in your config file, specifically tailored for NPM projects.

NPM Configuration using lockfiles

The npm section within the configuration file holds information specific to Node Package Manager (NPM) settings. This section is crucial for specifying which lockfiles should be analyzed by, particularly important for monorepos where multiple package-lock.json files may exist.

Users can specify an array of file paths to NPM lockfiles in your repository. will perform an analysis on each specified lockfile to monitor and evaluate the project's dependencies.

Example YAML Configuration:

    - /path/to/package-lock.json
    - package-lock.json

In this example, two lockfiles are specified:

  • The first path is an absolute path to a package-lock.json file, which might be useful for specifying lockfiles in specific directories within a monorepo.

  • The second path is a relative path, assuming the lockfile is in the root directory or the directory where the configuration file is located.

Testing it out

After configuring the config file as above, commit the file to your repository in one of the specified locations. will automatically detect this configuration file during its next scan and analyze your NPM projects according to the specified settings.

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