Quick start

Getting started with listen.dev is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to integrate listen.dev into your GitHub Actions workflows and start securing your CI/CD pipelines.

Step 1: Sign up for listen.dev

On the listen.dev website, click on Getting Started button.

You'll be taken to a login with GitHub page, which allows you to securely authenticate to dashboard.listen.dev using your GitHub account details.

Step 2: Create an organization and project

Navigate to the listen.dev dashboard, name your project, and click on the "Create Project" button.

Upon project creation, you will be provided with a unique API key. Keep this key handy for the next step.

Step 3: Integrate with your CI using GitHub Actions

In your GitHub repository, navigate to the .github/workflows directory. Create a new workflow file (e.g., lstn.yml) or edit an existing one.

Add the following step to your workflow file:

- name: Security scan
  uses: listen-dev/action@v0.6
    jwt: ${{ secrets.LSTN_API_KEY }}
    ci: true

Replace ${{ secrets.LSTN_API_KEY }} with the API key obtained from the listen.dev dashboard. We recommend you to securely store the API key as a secret in your GitHub repository settings.

Step 4: Monitor CI runs and View Results

After each run, you can access detailed security insights on the listen.dev dashboard.

The page provides an overview of all network connections observed during the run. These insights offer deep visibility into behavior, such as detecting exfiltration activity in malware and supply chain attacks.

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