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lstn to

Query for the verdicts of a single package.
This command scans a specific package and a range of its versions.
Query for the verdicts of a package.
Using this command, you can audit a single package version or all the versions of a package and obtain their verdicts.
Specifying the package name is mandatory.
It lists out the verdicts of all the versions of the input package name.
lstn to <name> [[version] [shasum] | [version constraint]]
# Get the verdicts for all the chalk versions that owns
lstn to chalk
lstn to debug 4.3.4
lstn to react 18.0.0 b468736d1f4a5891f38585ba8e8fb29f91c3cb96
# Get the verdicts for all the existing chalk versions
lstn to chalk "*"
# Get the verdicts for nock versions >= 13.2.0 and < 13.3.0
lstn to nock "~13.2.x"
# Get the verdicts for tap versions >= 16.3.0 and < 16.4.0
lstn to tap "^16.3.0"
# Get the verdicts for prettier versions >= 2.7.0 <= 3.0.0
lstn to prettier ">=2.7.0 <=3.0.0"
-q, --jq string filter the output using a jq expression
--json output the verdicts (if any) in JSON form
Config Flags:
--endpoint string the endpoint emitting the verdicts (default "")
--loglevel string set the logging level (default "info")
--registry string set a custom registry (default "")
--timeout int set the timeout, in seconds (default 60)
Global Flags:
--config string config file (default is $HOME/.lstn.yaml)
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